Friday, May 18, 2007

Hosts Of Post-Prom Party Fined

Adults Seized Car Keys, But Allowed Minors To Have Alcohol

This true story dovetails with the previous blog post regarding the problems parents face trying to address the after-prom celebrating and the inevitable parties that follow...

The parents in this case wanted to keep the teens from drinking and driving after the prom. They offered their home and even took the car keys from all kids who attended. Safety was the reason behind this private after-prom party. (see full story)

Under their state's law, it is illegal for a property owner to permit anyone under 21 to possess alcohol on the property or for the owner to fail to make reasonable efforts to stop a minor from possessing alcohol on the property, including private homes. This law makes a first offense an infraction and subsequent offenses subject to as much as one year in prison, a fine of up to $500, or both.

They had good intentions, but unknowingly were breaking a law that cost them hundreds of dollars in fines and one tough lesson. Knowing that kids will be kids and there is a "tradition" of after-prom drinking and partying, this seemed like a good way to address the problem. Unfortunately, the police didn't agree with their solution.

Sometimes even our best intentions are not the best solution to a problem. Helping parents and schools address this was the reason I wrote my book, the After Prom Party Guide. It is a blueprint for planning, staging and managing an after-prom party or after-graduation party.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The party's over...

The 2007 prom season is winding down as most schools have already had their proms or are scheduled to do so in the upcoming weeks. It has been a happy time for some, and the worst of times for others. As is usually the case at this time of the year, the news stories have been coming in relating "Prom Night Tragedies". I monitor prom-related news and stories via Google Alerts and seldom a day goes by that stories such as this are reported...

"Several of the underage people had made statements that the alcoholic beverages was (sic) provided by the home owners," the warrants stated.

Two high school seniors and the mother of a girl who threw an after-prom party have been charged as part of the investigation in the death of an 18-year-old student at the party.

2 Students, Adult Charged In After-Prom Party Where 1 Died

When 'little prom party blew up'

Once prom ended, the partying began

Many of those schools or organizations that did not sponsor an all night after-prom party saw such things happen in their communities. It is not enough that some kids or parents sponsor an "un-official" after-prom party as these private affairs have a way of getting out of hand. In addition, some parents think they are doing the kids a favor by providing alcohol to teens in a "supervised" fashion.

The 2007 prom season may be over, but we still have graduation ahead of us and the same after-graduation parties are planned. It is not too late to get your organization motivated to organize an event that will keep the kids safe on this special night. My book may be titled the "After Prom Party Guide", but it plays just as well for graduation party planning.

To all those parents, schools, PTAs/PTOs and other organizations who had the foresight to plan a party for the kids....

Thank You!
You may have saved someones life!