Sunday, January 14, 2007

After Prom Party Guide endorsement

The following press release is scheduled for January 15, 2007

After Prom Party Guide endorsed by former PTA State Executive Director

After Prom Party Guide is a "Fast Start" blueprint for planning high school after-prom parties offered as an instant download. Learn how to make prom night one to remember - not a tragic night to forget.

KALISPELL, MT – January 15, 2007- Already recommended by parents and well-known parenting experts like Mac Bledsoe, author of the Parenting With Dignity books and videos, Lori Heatherington’s new book, the After Prom Party Guide has received praise from former Washington state PTA Executive Director, Jim Carpenter. Jim headed the Washington state PTA from 1985 to 2000. After reviewing the final manuscript, he said:
“As a former executive director with the Washington State PTA, I wish this book had been available when I was working closely with PTAs and schools. This is an excellent resource and an outstanding planning guide for parents who want to plan an effective and fun post-graduation party – a party that the students will want to attend and a party at which they will be safe. I highly recommend it and encourage every parent group to get this book.”

The premise of the After Prom Party Guide is to provide parents, schools, PTAs and PTOs with a detailed step-by-step instruction manual about how to plan and stage an after prom party. The guide covers every facet of event planning from fundraising and facility options to liability and security concerns, party themes, entertainment, decorating tips, and every essential issue related to producing such an important event. Included in this book and the complimentary website, are sample solicitation letters, checklists and even an ingenious telemarketing script to be used when requesting cash and product donations from businesses. Heatherington’s book also offers tips on how to win over the teenagers by promising and delivering a fun-filled and entertaining event.

“I am very excited that my book is now attracting such significant attention; this is so important. My goal is to get this book in the hands of every school and parent’s organization, or any parent that wants to make sure their child has something fun to do on one of the most dangerous nights of their lives. Most parents are simply not aware that thousands of American teenagers will be injured and scores will be killed on the night of their senior prom. Solving this crisis is what this book is all about”, says Mrs. Heatherington.

About the Author and After

Lori works full-time for the Humane Society of Northwest Montana as Administrative Director. After™ is owned and operated by Lori Heatherington, author, mom and owner of a small consulting business. She holds a marketing degree from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas. The 'After Prom Party Guide' sells for $24.97 and is available for immediate download from her website,

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Recommendation

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that your family had a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year's celebration. Our family played it low key this year, we stayed home with a cozy fire and watched the ball drop in New York - even if it was two time zones away.

One of the worst things about holidays, and yes, proms and graduations, is the need so many people feel to overdo the celebrating. I'm not just talking about kids here, how many times have you seen a mature adult throw good sense out the window and get in a car and drive after a party where too much alcohol was 'enjoyed'.

That kind of thinking is what gets so many kids in trouble with prom and graduation celebrations. They just don't know how much is enough and years of experience is not on their side. Forget the fact that they're under age, if given the opportunity far too many will choose to celebrate their "coming of age" with alcohol... or drugs.

Protecting our teenagers from themselves was the motivation behind me organizing our first After Prom Party, and then write the book on how to plan such an event. This year, how about making a resolution to do what you can to make your teens prom and graduation an affair to remember. Let's try to save a life and offer the kids a safe and fun alternative to rowdy parties and after hours carousing. Get a copy of my book for your school or your PTA/PTO and help pull together a celebration that will give all the kids great memories - and hopefully save a child's life.

Make 2007 a Happy New Year