Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Recommendation

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that your family had a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year's celebration. Our family played it low key this year, we stayed home with a cozy fire and watched the ball drop in New York - even if it was two time zones away.

One of the worst things about holidays, and yes, proms and graduations, is the need so many people feel to overdo the celebrating. I'm not just talking about kids here, how many times have you seen a mature adult throw good sense out the window and get in a car and drive after a party where too much alcohol was 'enjoyed'.

That kind of thinking is what gets so many kids in trouble with prom and graduation celebrations. They just don't know how much is enough and years of experience is not on their side. Forget the fact that they're under age, if given the opportunity far too many will choose to celebrate their "coming of age" with alcohol... or drugs.

Protecting our teenagers from themselves was the motivation behind me organizing our first After Prom Party, and then write the book on how to plan such an event. This year, how about making a resolution to do what you can to make your teens prom and graduation an affair to remember. Let's try to save a life and offer the kids a safe and fun alternative to rowdy parties and after hours carousing. Get a copy of my book for your school or your PTA/PTO and help pull together a celebration that will give all the kids great memories - and hopefully save a child's life.

Make 2007 a Happy New Year

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