Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A bus to the prom?

Sure sounds awful, doesn't it - if you're a teenager - to be forced onto a bus for prom transportation? Lexington High School in Attleboro, MA is joining a handful of other schools in requiring that juniors and seniors travel to and from proms this spring on chartered buses. As you might expect, many students are reportedly furious and protesting. Read the entire story...

We don't need to enter into a debate about prom bussing - goodness knows the purpose is the same that motivated me to write the After Prom Party Guide. First and foremost we want to keep our kids safe on what has become one of the deadliest nights of their lives. The after prom party addresses that challenge, but there is still the transportation to and from the prom and the party.

Over time, we may see more and more schools take this stance. An accident in a community or rightful concern for school liability issues may prompt some to consider this as an option. This may be the strongest case for hiring a limo for most parents. We may not like the additional expense, but knowing the kids are safe and not behind the wheel is a good thing.

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