Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book Testimonial ~ A+

If your school is planning an after-prom party in 2008, you will need all the help you can get. My book, the After Prom Party Guide can save your organization a lot of time, money, frustration and I personally guarantee that it will help you retain your sanity! That's a pretty bold claim, but you don't need to take my word for it. The following is an email I received from a VERY satisfied customer...
We did have our after prom, it was April 14. It was a HUGE success. The best one the school has ever had and the best attended. We almost doubled the number of students attending from last year.

The book was extremely helpful. The part I liked best was the sample letters and checklists. There were a lot of good pointers that we would never have thought of either. I felt the book was very complete at covering all the areas of "what could go wrong" and how to prevent it. Luckily for us we had no problems but we were prepared!

I also really liked how easily the book read and how it was divided up. I printed it and then gave each of my committee heads the chapter that applied to them. They also found that very helpful, especially since none of us had ever done an After Prom party before. Whenever an issue came up we looked in the book and most times there was some piece of advice to help us.

Thanks so much for a wonderful book. I will recommend it to anyone I know starting an After Prom.


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Anonymous said...

I must admit, your claims about your book are not unfounded. Our committee decided to buy your book last December when we were planning for the '07 prom and after-prom part.

We didn't expect to get a jaw-dropper with radical ideas we'd never considered, but we sure did get a pleasant surprise. I can't tell you how much this helped with our planning. We didn't use your suggestion for a party theme, ours was a 50's Sock Hop theme, but the ideas and suggestions you provided were invaluable. I am certain we saved thousands of dollars using your suggestions for fund raising and business donations. That was really helpful.

I'm not one to hype a product, but I am sold on what your book can do for high schools and actually any parent planning a teen party. This is why I returned to add my 2-cents. You did a great thing with this book and I wish you success in your mission to keep kids safe on prom night. Kudos to you!!!

PS: I'm the buyer from Charleston, W VA who bought your book in December :-)