Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you know where that after prom party is being held?

This just in from the The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, TX (Sunday, March 30, 2008)...
Furnishing alcohol to a minor, interfering with public duties and minor in consumption of alcohol, 2000 block of CR 811. A deputy responded to a noise complaint and made contact with a man who said he was throwing an after-prom party. The man told the deputy that he was responsible for the party and all the alcohol. Also, the deputy noted that all the people at the party were underage. The man was arrested.

You've heard it before... "Mom, trust me, this is a party at a friend's house and his parents will be there". Great!

There is still time to organize an after-prom party if your kid's school does not have one planned. The risks of not having a party far surpass the extra work it will take to pull something together with short notice. Regardless of your time frame, my book can save you a lot of time and money.... and maybe together we can save someones life.

Best of luck to all you moms and dads that I've heard from these past few months. This is a great thing you're doing.

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