Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome Message

Thank you for visiting our After-Prom blog. The purpose of this blog is to support our new After Prom Party Planning Guide by offering new information and resources to assist your party planning efforts.

In many cases it is not the PTA/PTO or the school that organizes the after-prom party. It is often the loving, concerned parents who take it upon themselves to ensure that their children have a safe, fun alternative to 'traditional' After Prom carousing. Those parents seldom if ever have unlimited resources or "Hollywood prom party budgets".

If we provide just ONE idea for you, it could save you thousands of dollars... and yes, possibly even save a child's life. That is why we created the After-Prom Party Guide. In the After Prom Party Guide you will get event planning tips from concept to completion! Coordinate a safe, fun, drug and alcohol-free, teen-focused celebration with entertaining and engaging activities. Learn more about our After Prom Party Guide by clicking here.

Thank you!

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