Saturday, February 10, 2007

After Prom Party Entertainment

I received an email from a PTA mom who asked, "What's a good entertainment idea to have for an after-prom party?"

The best answer is to quote from my book's Event Planning section which says:

Most likely, the evening’s entertainment will be influenced by the "theme" you select for the party. As an example, if you choose a Casino Night theme, most of the entertainment is provided by the variety of Las Vegas style casino games.

Regardless of your party's theme, you will need to plan other entertainment activities to supplement the main party theme. Remember, this will be an "all-night" affair. No matter how well planned, the excitement will ebb and flow, so have plenty of clever ideas prepared. You don’t want to have long gaps between activities. Have some "mini events" sprinkled throughout the room. As an example, contact local colleges’ art departments and ask for volunteers to sketch caricatures. Put out the call for amateur magicians who would mingle with the crowd performing close-up magic tricks - hypnotists, handwriting analysts too!

Schedule activities that will continue all night, but don’t forget to plan some relaxing activities as well. Even teenagers will have trouble partying all night unless there is a balance of things to do. Some may enjoy sitting and playing a board game such as bingo especially if the prizes are appealing.

Contact the school’s yearbook committee in advance and ask if they would assemble a class history pictorial slide show. This could be played as the party is getting started or played when there is a pause in the excitement.

Create a posterity wall. Cover a wall with thick white paper (i.e. butcher paper) and encourage students to write a message or add graffiti. Offer to give the paper to a class leader to keep until the 5 or 10 year class reunion.

Film the After Prom party. Ask a parent volunteer to film a video of the party and play it as breakfast is being served and things are winding down.

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