Friday, February 23, 2007

Prom Party Time Approaching

Hey parents, its time!

The High School prom is only a couple short months away and if your school or PTA/PTO organization hasn't yet finalized plans for an after-prom party… now's the time for action.

The sooner a plan is put in place - the better - for all concerned. The kids will get a first rate event, and you parents who are charged with pulling this together will sleep easier knowing what to do to make this a successful party. Fact is, even if your planning in in place and your organization is holding meetings and laying the groundwork, I'll bet there is something you could be forgetting. My after prom party planning guide leaves no stone unturned and just may offer some help in areas you haven't planned for. Whether it be security concerns, choosing the right menu or figuring out how you will entertain a group of kids for the night - I think I can help.

If you haven't yet downloaded a copy of the After Prom Party Guide… its time!

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how pleased our group is to have found you. One of our members discovered your blog and told us about your book. We are a church group and we sponsor the high school prom party and this book is exactly what we needed. We haven't chosen a theme yet, but the ideas you gave us are priceless. Thank you very much from Tulso, OK.