Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can it really be August already?

I feel like I did as a child. The school year seemed to go on forever, but the summer vacation flew by in a heartbeat. It seems hard to believe that for many of us, summer is almost over. As more and more schools begin classes in August, summer vacation is about to become a memory.

As parents, educators and caregivers, we are about to embark upon another year of teaching and guiding our children. With that awesome responsibility comes times when we must protect our children from themselves. The high school prom seems far in the future, but planning for that event and the after-prom party that will follow often begins immediately.

In many schools and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTAs), creating committees and assigning tasks for the upcoming year is already under way. Maybe you are involved in such preparation or maybe you know someone who is; regardless of your involvement, I have a request of you...

Please make sure that the right person in your child's school is aware of the After Prom Party Guide. Last year was the first full year that my updated book was available for download and I must admit that it was gratifying to get the feedback I received. One mom from PA wrote that...
"The book was extremely helpful. The part I liked best was the sample letters and checklists. There were a lot of good pointers that we would never have thought of... I will recommend it to anyone I know starting an After Prom." You can read what others have said about my book here...

It is up to us to ensure that this year's prom night is a safe and fun night to remember for our teenagers. Only through planning can we accomplish that. My book can help with that planning process. If you know of anyone who is involved with planning the 2008 High School Prom party.... please send them this link -

Thank you and best wishes for a safe 2007/2008 school year!

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