Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Press Release 11/22/06

After Prom Party Guide aims to prevent prom night tragedies

A "Fast Start" approach to planning an after prom party for high school seniors presented as an instant download eBook. How to make prom night one to remember - not a tragic night to forget.

KALISPELL, MT―November 21, 2006― The high school senior prom is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our children's life, but for too many kids it turns into a horrible tragedy. Drugs, alcohol and a "coming-of-age tradition" of rowdy parties usually means that some kids will end their revelry in police custody or with hangovers, and far too many vehicle accidents - or worse.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, on a typical prom weekend, 48 American teenagers are killed in vehicle crashes and 40 percent of the deaths are alcohol-related. Lori Heatherington discovered those shocking facts soon after her daughter announced she had been asked to the senior prom, and the topic of an After Prom party was discussed.

After discovering the DOT statistics, and learning that her daughter's school was making no provisions for an After Prom event, Lori decided to get organized and make something happen. Her remarkable efforts resulted in an After Prom party that was more appealing to the students than engaging in other potentially dangerous activities. The party was such a huge success that the school requested that Lori pass on her notes, outline and plan so that it could be used in upcoming years.

Heatherington realized that parents and schools across the country could benefit from her hard won knowledge, so at the urging of other parents, she compiled her exhaustive notes into a comprehensive how to guide. The 'After Prom Party Guide' is a step-by-step instruction manual for parents and school organizations (PTAs, PTOs) who want to know how to plan a compelling alternative to non-sanctioned activities after the prom.

The After Prom Party Guide is a "Fast Start", in-depth blueprint that covers everything from facility selection and fundraising to meeting agendas, liability and security issues, decorating, party themes and every related topic. Also included are form letters, checklists and even a creative telemarketing script to be used when requesting donations from businesses. Heatherington offers tips on how to win over the teenagers by promising and delivering a fun-filled and entertaining party. The 'After Prom Party Planning Handbook' sells for $24.97 and is available for immediate download from her website, http://www.after-prom.org/.

About After Prom.org

After Prom.org™ is owned and operated by Lori Heatherington, author, mom and owner of a small business. Lori holds a marketing degree from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas. She was involved in one of the first ISPs in the country and that experience prompted her to co-author her first book, which was published by Macmillan entitled, "The Complete Small Business Internet Guide". Lori currently works full-time for the Humane Society of Northwest Montana as Administrative Director.

Additional information ISBN: 1-4276-1231-5

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