Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Significant Question

I was speaking with a friend yesterday regarding the announcement of my new book, the “After Prom Party Guide”. I was telling her how excited I was and about the wonderful comments I was already receiving from people. I just couldn’t believe that in less than two days, people were already commenting about my book. It is so gratifying to hear that others are seeing the value in this and appreciate all the effort that went into it.

Out of the blue, my friend asked me a question that I had not seriously considered (at least on a conscious level) up to this point. She asked, “What is the one thing you want someone to get from reading your book”?

Wow, that really made me think… Obviously, I want people to use the guide to help them plan and stage an event that keeps teenagers off the street during this most dangerous night of their lives. I want them to see the tips and suggestions I have about every topic. I want them to learn how to raise the money, create awareness, protect themselves and their organization from liability issues and I would hope that people learn something from every page…

After pondering her question, I told her that to me… “people will see the value in this book when they put it down and say something like…

I didn’t know that or...
I never thought about those things”

With so many things in life, it is often that “ONE” idea that makes an impact or changes how we do something or look at things. I guess I want people to read my book and come away with knowledge that they didn’t know before reading the After Prom Party Guide. THAT is what I want people to get from this book

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